Which appraisal type do I need?

The amount of time we spend compiling information about your vehicle, researching the market for it, and writing the appraisal report varies quite a bit from one vehicle to the next. The different types of appraisals listed below account for that variability on an average basis though–the amount of time we spend completing an appraisal for you is always the amount necessary to do it right.

To help streamline the process, we help you organize the documents we need based on the vehicle type to get things going. Depending on the purpose of your appraisal, and in consultation with us, we’ll either perform a physical inspection of the vehicle or a “desktop” appraisal where we determine value based on documents and photographs you provide us. Either way, the report you receive is detailed and describes how we arrive at your vehicle’s value. It also contains disclosures, including to what degree we independently verify information you provide.

Regardless of which appraisal type you select, after checkout you’ll be able to start uploading documents. We know the types of documentation you have will vary tremendously from one vehicle to the next–but in general, the more information we get the more accurate the appraisal report that we provide you. We’ll interact with you to make sure we have a complete picture of the vehicle’s history, features, and condition, retained in our records so we can defend the appraisal in negotiating an insurance claim or in litigation.

Of course, if you have questions at any point feel free to ask. Whether that’s figuring out which appraisal you need, the types of documents you should submit, understanding the report, we’re here to help. Click here to get in touch with us.

Standard Motorized RV Appraisal

1991 Safari Serengeti “Hi-Tech Edition” Motorhome

This appraisal is the one to select for your motorhome, whether class A, B, or C, super C, or truck conversion. We’ll collect information on your vehicle, analyze its condition, compare it to others for sale, and determine its value. If it’s a factory-built recreational vehicle with a steering wheel, this is the appraisal product for it. Get started here…

Non-Motorized (Towable) RV Appraisal

No steering wheel? No problem. Whether you have pop-up, hybrid, travel trailer, or fifth wheel, anything in between, toy haulers, horse trailers, etc., we can appraise it. Get started here…

HDT/RV Hauler Appraisal

Using a semi truck to pull a fifth-wheel? Since these are generally custom to one degree or another, and represent a small market (in comparison to the number of car or RV sales), they take a lot more research to complete. We are the only source of appraisals specializing in these vehicles, whether it’s a simple daycab or a sleeper semi converted and registered as a motorhome. We understand the Smart Fortwo and motorcycle loading systems, the heavy-duty RV hitching systems, bed design, and the unique appeal of a turn-key RV hauler. Get started here…

Standard Car/Truck Appraisal

2013 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback

Here’s the place for your four/six-wheeled production car. It can be a rare trim, have unique options, or significant upgrades. It can be a run-of-the-mill Chevy Impala, optioned just like the rental fleets spec them, with nothing more than oil changes since new. Since we’re focused on RVs, we’re also tuned in to the valuation of vehicles equipped for flat or four-down towing.

Since it’s usually not necessary for insurance underwriting on most vehicles, we most often perform appraisals when there’s a disagreement between you and your insurance company during the claims process. Whether you’re dealing with an undamaged vehicle, a total loss, or a claim for diminished value, get started here.

Bus Conversion or Other Custom, Home-Built, or Low-Volume Vehicle

Have you gotten this far without an obvious fit for your vehicle? Particularly if you have a custom RV, kit car, rare collector vehicle, bus conversion, or high-end motorcoach, contact us with a quick note about what vehicle you’d like us to take a look at and what makes it special. We’ll give you a price for the appraisal, and if you want to proceed, begin the process of collecting the information to make it happen.