HDT RV Hauler Appraisal




Using a semi truck to pull a fifth-wheel? Since these are generally custom to one degree or another, and represent a small market (in comparison to the number of car or RV sales), they take a lot more research to complete. We are the only source of appraisals specializing in these vehicles.  It doesn’t matter whether your HDT is a simple daycab or a sleeper semi converted and registered as a motorhome. We understand the Smart Fortwo and motorcycle loading systems, the heavy-duty RV hitching systems, bed design, and the unique appeal of a turn-key HDT/RV hauler.

After you place your order, we’ll contact you to ask some questions about your vehicle and the purpose of your appraisal.  You’ll be able to securely upload any necessary documentation and/or photos.  If we’re examining the vehicle in person, we’ll schedule that too.

We’ll take up to a week after we have the documentation to perform the appraisal, including writing the appraisal report.  This report is usually 10-20 pages, and includes our valuation and the underlying reasons we arrived at that value.  It will always be available to you electronically, via the My Account page.  After you’ve had a chance to look it over, we’re happy to discuss it and answer any questions you might have.

For other types of vehicles, here’s more information about other types of appraisals we perform.


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